May 30th 2001
Limit voting to expand democracy
Raleigh News and Observer

FairVote's Lee Mortimer argues that establishing a limited voting system would eliminate the problems of single-member district elections.

March 1st 2001
Redistricting Will Be a Lawyer's Dream - and a Voter Nightmare

As massive gerrymandering follows the 2000 census, Rob Richie and Steven Hill recommend taking responsibility for drawing boundaries out of incumbents' hands, or switching to multi-member districts.

January 30th 2001
Let's Simplify Voting
New York Times

Commentary advocating instant runoff voting and proportional representation.

January 24th 2001

Amy claims that the creation of proportional representation is the most needed reform in American politics because it will raise voter turnout and representation; FairVote is cited as creating pragmatic plans for implementing PR.

January 11th 2001
Can We Keep Diverse Voice In Our Civic Dialog?
Charlotte Observer

An article advocating the use of cumulative voting, instant runoff voting, and limited voting to represent an increasingly diverse electorate.

January 3rd 2001
Emancipation and Enfranchisement
Asian Week

Discusses proportional representation and instant runoff voting as well as other electoral reforms

January 1st 2001
The time is ripe for real electoral reform. Why not try democracy in America?
The Hightower Lowdown

Major article about electoral reform with sections advocating instant runoff voting and proportional representation

December 4th 2000
The Nation Covers Electoral Reform
The Nation

After the 2000 election, The Nation runs several articles criticizing poor voting technology, the Electoral College, the two-party system, and single-member districts.

December 1st 2000
Reclaiming Democracy in the 21st Century
Social Policy

Rob Richie, Steven Hill, and Caleb Kleppner discuss the benefits of instant runoff voting and proportional representation, as well as how it is used internationally

November 22nd 2000
Taking Back the Vote: Florida Fiasco Puts Radical Reforms on the Table
Village Voice

FairVote's Eric Olson speaks about the necessity of streamlining the voting process so "every vote counts," as this article offers alternatives to our first-past-the-post system.

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