November 3rd 2002
Politics, Incumbency Style

Columnist Rosanna Perotti discusses proportional representation as a solution to monopoly politics.

October 31st 2002
Time for Real Choices, Not Echoes

A critique of winner-take-all elections from CVD Chair John B. Anderson. Commentary ran in several additional newspapers.

October 6th 2002
Voters are electing to stay home
Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist touts Steven Hill's "Fixing Elections"

September 26th 2002
Florida isn't alone: Democracy's infrastructure is decrepit
Tallahassee Democrat

CVD's Steven Hill and Rob Richie look at the state of American democracy and what we can do to better it.

August 16th 2002
A way to motivate America's 'orphaned voters'
Seattle Times

Author discusses Fixing Elections and the sensibility of alternatives to our current winner-take-all system.

August 12th 2002
Election Day options studied
Honolulu Advertiser

Article describing virtues of different electoral reforms including choice voting, instant runoff voting, and cumulative voting.

October 21st 2001
Empowering Political Minorities
Washington Post

A bill introducing single-member congressional districts that might benefit minorities in Maryland is unlikely to pass; FairVote's Eric Olson and Jamin Raskin recommend cumulative voting instead.

July 22nd 2001

WMAQ-TV, Chicago

The Illinois cutback amendment was damaging to democracy as it concentrated power in the hands of very few legislative leaders, and the move to add members to the House is a great idea.

July 18th 2001
Proportional representation gives everyone a reason to get out and vote
Tacoma News Tribune

The winner-take-all system is bashed after many Washington state legislature lose candidates by less than 1%.

July 8th 2001
A vote for cumulative voting
Springfield Journal-Register

A new report put out by the Illinois Task Force on political Representation and Alternative Electoral Systems suggests a return to cumulative voting in Illinois might heighten voter turnout, create more competitive elections, and lower campaign expen

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