August 1st 2003
Away with these tribes: Only a complete change in how we elect our leaders will put the trust, and excitement, back into politics
The Guardian

Article analyzes the British government had it been adopted proportional representation.

July 30th 2003
Letter: Modernizing Elections
New York Times

FairVote's Steven Hill promotes proportional voting and instant runoff voting in the New York Times.

July 21st 2003
With what political compass...

July 9th 2003
Alternatives to Redistricting (Transcript)
Texas Cable News

FairVote's Rob Richie is invited on Texas Cable News to discuss the problem of redistricting in Texas.

July 8th 2003
Advantage, incumbents: Winner-take-all races make democracy the loser
Washington Post

FairVote's Rob Richie is qouted on the various flaws in a winner take all system.

July 7th 2003
A government of, for and by the people?

If the system of proportional representation was put in place we could rid our democracy of the problems of unfair representation, negative campaigns, and campaigns that focus more on funds than voters.

July 1st 2003
Drawing the Line On Redistricting
Washington Post

Steven Hill and Rob Richie write that creating multi-member districts is the best way to curb the abuses of gerrymandering for congressional seats.

July 1st 2003
Hendrik Hertzberg on Democracy
New Yorker

A collection of qoutes from FairVote board member Hendrik Hertzberg, highlighting instant runoff voting and proportional representation.

June 29th 2003
Re-redistricting is an ugly power grab
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

FairVote Co Founders Rob Richie and Steven Hill discuss the tragedy of Texas redistricting and how legislators can no longer be allowed to rig elections.

May 29th 2003
Matters of proportion
Christian Science Monitor

The winner take all system is an outlier in world democracies and must be remedied through a proportional voting system.

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