Inside Politics: Front-runner Dean

By Greg Pierce
Published January 17th 2005 in Washington Times

Former presidential candidate Howard Dean appears to be the front-runner to become the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee, according to a survey of the DNC conducted by Hotline, the National Journal's daily briefing on politics.
    "But before Deaniacs and anti-Deaniacs scream (in excitement/disgust/angst), the Vermonter appears to be facing a stiff challenge from [former Texas Rep.] Martin Frost, who has one of the larger home-state DNC delegations in his pocket. Even when combining first and second choices, Dean does not yet exceed 40 percent, while Frost is lingering just under 30 percent," Hotline said.

"Beyond Dean and Frost, no other candidate receives double-digit support," Hotline said, adding: "The candidate who fared the poorest in the survey is [former Indiana Rep.] Tim Roemer, who received almost three times more 'last choice' support than he did first/second choice support combined."
    Hotline surveyed the entire DNC membership from Tuesday through Friday and received responses from 187 members, about 42 percent of the DNC membership.