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In a representative democracy, the right of decision belongs to the majority, but the right to representation belongs to all. FairVote advocates for adoption of proportional voting systems for local and state elections, and for an informed debate about their merits for congressional elections.

Pennsylvania Election Reform Task Force Suggests IRV and Proportional Voting Studies
Reforms would be relevant to voter turnout
Pennsylvania Governor, Ed Rendell, created the Pennsylvania Election Reform Task Force through Executive Order 2004-11. The bipartisan, 13-member panel focused on a range of issues and reforms designed to increase voter turnout and inspire confidence on the state's electoral system. The Task Force issued its final report to Gov. Rendell on May 12th. Among its conclusions, were the belief that instant runoff voting and proportional representation are relevant and ought to be studied further, as they affect both voter confidence in elections and voter turnout.

[Read the Final Report - .pdf]

Hastings Introduces Legislation to Study Proportional Voting for U.S. House
U.S. Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-FL) has re-introduced his Congress Commission Act to study whether the House of Representatives should increase in size and be elected by proportional voting systems. As national debate about redistricting increases, we applaud Rep. Hastings for seeking to spur debate and understaanding of how best to provide fair representation, more electoral competition and greater accountability.

[More on the Congress Commission Act]

Illinois Bill Calls for the Return of Cumulative Voting for State Legislature
Illinois Senator Richard J. Winkel Jr. and Representative Paul D. Froehlich introduced legislation calling for the state constitution to be amended to bring back cumulative voting. The plan would change the House of Representatives from a 118-member body elected from 118 districts to a 117-member body elected from 39 districts of 3 members each, using cumulative voting.

[See bill text] [Read background information]

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Recent Articles
October 19th 2009
A better election system
Lowell Sun

Election expert Doug Amy explains how choice voting can "inject new blood" into the elections of Lowell (MA), and give voters a greater incentive to participate.

October 16th 2009
Haven't Detroit voters spoken enough?
Livingston Daily

In Detroit, there have been three mayors in the past two years and the current one has come under scrutiny. Perhaps a system like instant runoff voting will help bring political stability to motor city.

August 21st 2009
Black candidate for Euclid school board to test new voting system
Cleveland Plain Dealer

Limited voting, a form of proportional voting, will be used in Euclid (OH), in the hopes of allowing better representation of minorities.

July 2nd 2009
Reforming Albany
New York Times

FairVote's Rob Richie responds in a letter to the editor making the case for proportional voting systems to bring substantive reform to New York's legislature.