Texas Redistricting
FairVote has collected news reports and legal opinions relating to the Texas 2003 Redistricting plan

Read the opinions of the Federal Court on the redistricting plan.

News Articles on Texas Redistricting
December 1st 2003
Colo. remap ruling may not impact Texas
United International Press

The Colorado Supreme Court's decision to toss out the state's new congressional redistricting plan may not impact the Texas remap fight headed for court next week because of a difference in their constitutions.

November 7th 2003
Redistricting Lands in the Feds' Hands
Austin Chronicle

Report on Voting Rights Act challenges to Texas redistricting.

November 4th 2003
Officials moving fast on remap legal fight
Dallas Morning News

MARSHALL, Texas -- Redistricting lawyers and judges revved their engines Monday for a high-speed trial next month, aiming to decide by Christmas the legality of a Republican overhaul of the state's congressional districts.

October 29th 2003
Democrats to meet with Justice over remapping

Texas Democrats will meet with Justice Department officials over the next three days to make their case that the state's new congressional redistricting map diminishes minority representation and should not be approved under the Voting Rights Act.

October 16th 2003
Redistricting has history of shake-ups
Austin American-Statesman

Account of effect of redistricting on incumbency in past Texas elections.

October 15th 2003
Perry savors GOP's redistricting victory
Houston Chronicle

GOP governor's reaction to Texas redistricting victory.

October 15th 2003
Mexican-American rights group files redistricting suit
Austin American-Statesman

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund has jumped into the court fight over the newly enacted Republican congressional redistricting map.

October 11th 2003
GOP-drawn map aims to reshape national parties
Austin American-Statesman

A congressional redistricting map is approved by the Texas House.

October 10th 2003
Final map passes; legal battles on the way
Austin American-Statesman

Texas redistricting plan passes the State Senate.

October 9th 2003
Travis caught in remap crossfire

Article on impact of redistricting on incumbents in Central Texas

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