Texas Redistricting
FairVote has collected news reports and legal opinions relating to the Texas 2003 Redistricting plan

Read the opinions of the Federal Court on the redistricting plan.

News Articles on Texas Redistricting
January 17th 2004
Supreme Court rejects Democrats' appeal of new district boundaries
San Antonio Express-News

A record number of Texas Republicans filed for Congress by Friday's deadline, which came hours after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected an emergency appeal by Democrats seeking to prevent the state from using new district boundaries.

January 7th 2004
Change needed in the way Texas redraws districts
Austin American-Statesman

Editorial calling for non-partisan redistricting in Texas.

January 6th 2004
Judges approve dilution of minority voting strength
Houston Chronicle

Editorial calling for nonpartisan redistricting in Texas.

January 6th 2004
Redistricting Plan Approved in Texas
New York Times

A federal court approves a mid decade partisan redistricting plan in Texas that would reduce minority voting strength.

December 23rd 2003
Texas Redistricting Before Federal Panel
Associated Press

December 17th 2003
Frost aide dispatched to Texas
The Hill

Report into Texas mid decade redistricting.

December 12th 2003
3 judges decline to block remap plan
Houston Chronicle

AUSTIN -- A three-judge federal panel Thursday declined to block a Republican-crafted congressional redistricting map and began a trial to determine the legality of the new districts.

December 12th 2003
DeLay's involvement in Texas redistricting: pure partisan politics
Austin American-Statesman

Editorial claiming that Texas redistricting represents an illegal partisan gerrymander.

December 11th 2003
Texas redistricting challenge goes to court today; Texans in poll split on special sessions, opposed to remap fight
Dallas Morning News

Report on polls of Texans reactions to special sessions and redistricting.

December 1st 2003
Texas Redistricting Subpoenas Rejected
Associated Press

A three-judge federal panel on Monday rejected attempts to force House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and Rep. Joe Barton to testify in a lawsuit over Texas' new congressional districts.

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