IRV in the News
June 16th 2009
Minneapolis makes way for new voting system
University of Minnesota Daily

FairVote Minnesota Director Jeanne Massey quoted in article on the implemenatation of IRV in Minneapolis.

June 14th 2009
Grunge party politics

FairVote Board Chair Krist Novoselic is running for County Clerk in Wahkiakum Co, WA to awareness of problems with Washington's open primary system and support for IRV.

June 11th 2009
Donít call Pierce Countyís ranked choice voting weird just because itís different
Tacoma News Tribune

Peter Callaghan of the Tacoma News Tribune explains that although many Pierce County residents may think that their recently implemented IRV system for county elections is "weird", they should give it a chance because it has many hidden advantages.

June 11th 2009
San Jose considers major change to local elections
San Jose Mercury News

Frustrated by the cost of multiple elections to fill council seats and the difficulty of limiting the influence of special interests, San Jose (CA) officials consider instant runoff voting.

June 11th 2009
IRV is ready for Minneapolis debut
Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune

An editorial in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune speculates about the long-awaited debut of IRV in Minneapolis for the upcoming local elections this fall.

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