IRV in the News
July 22nd 2009
New Instant-Runoff Voting Could Factor in 22 Minneapolis Races
The Minnesota Independent

The new implementation of IRV for Minneapolis city elections has led to a significant increase in the number of candidates running in city elections. . Chris Steller looks at possible pros and cons that IRV might bring to the table.

July 22nd 2009
Instant Runoff Voting Could Lead to Big Savings for Cities, Counties

AB 1121, a bill allowing for IRV to be used in California's local elections, can save jurisdictions money in challenging economic times.

July 16th 2009
San Leandro considers instant-runoff voting for municipal elections
The Oakland Tribune

The city of San Leandro, a suburb of Oakland, is considering adopting the use of IRV for city elections.

July 5th 2009
Itís Time to Bring Majority Rule to the American Election Process
Richmond Times-Dispatch

The results of Virginia's recent Democratic gubernatorial primary illustrate how winner-take-all elections can produce winners who don't receive the majority of the vote. IRV ensures election winners have majority support.

June 17th 2009
Instant Runoff Elections are a Vote for Civility
Yes! Magazine

Fair Vote's Executive Director, Rob Richie, explains how IRV is greatly benefiting the election process of Burlington, Vermont.

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