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October 16th 2009
IRV offers new strategies for Minneapolis candidates
MPR News

In Minneapolis, IRV has been introduced and the candidates and the supporters are already noticing a difference.

October 1st 2009
Horny Toad the choice in IRV election
St. Paul Legal Ledger

What better way to learn about IRV than with beer? That's the idea behind "tasting trials" in St. Paul.

September 17th 2009
St. Paul needs IRV
Minnesota Daily

Editorial endorses ballot measure to bring instant runoff voting to St. Paul.

September 7th 2009
How about a side of instant runoff voting?
St. Paul Pioneer Press

To get voters educated -- and to drum up business -- St. Paul restaurants are holding "tasting trials" using instant runoff voting.

July 24th 2009
Ranked-choice voting a better fit for today's elections
MPR News

FairVote Minnesota's Jeanne Massey explains how the adoption of IRV in Minneapolis is a much needed and welcome change in light of the current political climate, and hopes that it will be the springboard for movement towards IRV in the entire state.

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