News about IRV in Takoma Park
April 19th 2007
A better way to vote
USA Today

Largest circulation newspaper in U.S. editorializes in favor of IRV.

February 8th 2007
Takoma Park's New Vote System Makes Debut
Washington Post

FairVote's exit poll and director Rob Richie cited on Takoma Park's (MD) successful first use of instant runoff voting.

February 7th 2007
Instant runoff voting unveiled in Ward 5 election
The Gazette

According to a FairVote exit poll, 88 percent of voters found Takoma Park's first use of instant runoff voting 'easy' or 'very easy.' FairVote's Rob Richie and Ryan Griffin quoted.

February 2nd 2007
Takoma Park Holds First Instant Run-off Vote Election in Maryland History
Baltimore Chronicle

FairVote exit poll findings cited in positive article about the first IRV election in Maryland.

January 31st 2007
Snipper wins Takoma Park Ward 5 runoff election

Article cites FairVote exit poll highlighting Takoma Park's successful first IRV election.

November 24th 2005
Majority rule making comeback
The Baltimore Sun

FairVote's Ryan O'Donnell shows how the IRV win in Takoma Park could be a model for the rest of Maryland.

November 11th 2005
The promise of a majority count
The Takoma Park Gazette

On a ballot question, voters in Takoma Park, MD overwhelmingly approved looking into a new way of electing their city council and mayor with instant runoff voting. FairVote's Rob Richie quoted.

November 9th 2005
Takoma Park Voters Back Candidate Ranking System
Capital News Services

IRV is endorsed overwhelmingly by voters in Takoma Park, as this article reports with comments by FairVote's Rob Richie.

November 9th 2005
Porter wins fifth term as Takoma Park mayor
The Takoma Park Gazette

On November 8th, Takoma Park residents voted for their mayor and a ballot referendum. 84% of voters voted for the proposal to have future city elections use instant runoff voting; another victory for IRV.

November 9th 2005
Casting ballots, speaking out
The Takoma Park Gazette

Reporter Sean Sands interviews Takoma Park voters who support IRV and discusses other voting issues, like voter turnout and electronic voting.

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Rob Richie on TV

Watch Rob Richie speak on about the value of IRV for Takoma Park

November 9, 2005

October 14, 2005

Maryland's big win for election reform

David Moon talks about IRV in Takoma Park, and FairVote's DC Metro Project (3:00 - 3.1MB)

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