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June 11th 2009
Donít call Pierce Countyís ranked choice voting weird just because itís different
Tacoma News Tribune

Peter Callaghan of the Tacoma News Tribune explains that although many Pierce County residents may think that their recently implemented IRV system for county elections is "weird", they should give it a chance because it has many hidden advantages.

May 15th 2009
Give Ranked Choice a Chance
The Melon

Op-ed in Tacoma blog The Melon by FairVote Democracy Fellow Erik Connell on why Pierce County residents should vote to keep ranked choice voting this November.

April 2nd 2009
ASWC executive council to be elected
Whitman College Pioneer

April elections of Whitman College's Executive Council and Senate will make use of instant runoff voting.

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  • FairVote Vancouver: In 1999, reformers backed a sucessful initative on IRV in Vancouver, Washington.

Legislation and Litigation
  • HB 1447 has passed! Establishes a pilot program for IRV use in the election of non-partisan offices in Clark County. Passed the Legislature on April 13th with a 63-34 vote in the House and a 38-9 vote in the Senate; signed by the governor on April 23.
  • Washington state initiative for IRV launched: Instant Runoff Washington has formed to collect signatures in 2004 for action in 2005.