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August 11th 2006
Westlund to drop out of governor's race
Oregon News-Review

Oregon gubernatorial candidate State Sen. Ben Westlund announces that he will no longer run for the post in November. He did not want to be a "spoiler" in the potentially close election.

July 7th 2006
Letter: Same song, second verse
The Daily Astorian

In response to the proposed “Top Two” initiative, the author emphasizes that instant runoff voting is preferable as it saves costs, protects minority candidates and elects candidates with a stronger mandate.

February 22nd 2006
Election method will be first for Oregon
The Daily Vanguard

Matt Petrie makes an accurate description of Instant Runoff Voting, a voting method used since 2005 for student elections at Portland State University.

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  • HB 2638 Allows county or city to adopt instant runoff voting system for nomination or election of candidates to county or city office.