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February 12th 2006
Let's take city elections out of hands of very few
Houston Chronicle

Op-Ed that advocates IRV for Houston city elections arguing that runoffs give the final decision to a very small number of voters. References recent success in San Francisco.

May 11th 2005
AccuPoll Receives 2002 Federal Election Commission Voting System Standards Certification

New certified voting equipment is IRV compatible

March 25th 2005
Ledge weighs election reform
San Antonio Current

TX bills on IRV, ballot access, paper ballot receipts, and congressional redistricting

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Research and Reports                         

Legislation and Litigation

  • SB 197  Allows for preferential voting to be used in the election of officers of schools boards and municipalities. 
  • HB 1790 Allows for preferential voting in school board, municipal,  or county commissioner