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March 8th 2003
Election Commission Reviews Ballot-Related Legislation
Northwest Arkansas Online

Legislation is introduced in the Arkansas General Assembly. Some of the proposed bills, many fear will hinder election efforts, while others will yield positive and progressive results.

December 10th 2002
Fuller, Fairer Elections? How? The 'instant runoff' promotes majority rule, voter turnout
Christian Science Monitor

November 11th 2002
Group Issues Legislative Agenda: 10-year-old organization tries to counter influence of business, special interests
Morning News

Arkansas' voting reform intends on including instant runoff voting (IRV) into the election system, changing the voting dates to include Saturday and Sunday, and permit same day registration.

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Legislation and Litigation

  • HB 1770 Provides instant runoff voting for active duty military personnel stationed overseas.  Passed the house and is currently under review in the senate.