Resolution Supporting California’s Impact on the Democratic Presidential Nomination Process

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WHEREAS California’s impact in determining the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party for the last several elections has decreased, and

WHEREAS the current front-loaded primary system often results in fewer than 200,000 Iowans and 300,000 New Hampshire voters in the first weeks of January in effect choosing the Party’s nominee before being tested in larger states like California, and

WHEREAS California, as the highest populated state in the nation, deserves greater influence in determining the party’s nominee than simply serving as the fundraising capital for national candidates and their campaigns,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the California Young Democrats (CYD) encourages presidential primary reform efforts that will:

· Allow a greater number of campaigns to begin at the grassroots level and build momentum;

· Provide a nominating process that remains competitive for a longer period of time in order to give the public a greater opportunity to engage the campaign and become informed about the candidates;

· And create a system that increases the likelihood that Democrats in all states will have an  effective voice in the selection of nominees, and

RESOLVED that CYD call on the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) Commission on Presidential Nomination Timing and Scheduling to seriously consider the California (or Graduated Random System) Plan which features a schedule consisting of 10 two-week intervals, during which randomly selected states will hold their primaries.  This 20-week schedule is the approximate length of the traditional presidential primary schedule, and

RESOLVED that CYD distribute copies of this resolution to all CYD chartered clubs, the California Democratic Party and the DNC for consideration and support.

Drafted by David Phelps, Past President, San Fernando Valley Young Democrats

October 31st 2007
N.H., Iowa Keep the Candidates' Attention
Washington Post

An article showing that campaign spending in the traditional early primary states "has helped debunk the notion that an increasingly front-loaded primary calendar would diminish the influence of New Hampshire and Iowa."

October 30th 2007
Vote Early, Count Often
The New York Times

Jonathan Soros offers a new innovative proposal on presidential nomination reform.

October 25th 2007
Primary Season Has Already Passed Us By
Washington Post

In a look at the absurdities of the presidential primary schedule, Marc Fisher highlights the FairVote-backed American Plan as a solution.

September 26th 2007
Raucous system seems immune to change
San Francisco Chronicle

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September 6th 2007
A perpetual campaign
Rocky Mountain News

Another in the growing tidal wave of editorials backing reform to the presidential primary process.

September 2nd 2007
The Primary Problem
The New York Times

An editorial call to fix the primaries system, with a particular nod to the FairVote-backed American Plan.

August 26th 2007
Leapfrogging toward a presidential nominee
the Portland Press Herald

Imagine "It's a Wonderful Life" interrupted by negative campaign ads, and you get a sense of what we're in for if the primary states continue to fight to be first.

August 26th 2007
Primary jockeying puts uncertainty in election landscape
San Diego Union Tribune

With the 2008 presidential election year just months away, states continue elbowing each other to get their primaries or caucuses closer to the front of the nomination line.

August 24th 2007
Christmas politics?
Bradenton Herald

A Florida paper adds to the growing choir of discontent over chaos of the presidential primary system.

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