The Proportional Voting Solution
Through proportional representation electoral systems, like-minded groupings of voters win legislative seats in better proportion to their share of the population. Whereas winner-take-all elections award 100% of power to a 50.1% majority, proportional representation allows voters in a minority to win a fair share of representation. Proportional representation describes a broad range of methods that require at least some legislators to be elected in districts with more than one seat.

Proportional representation voting systems used in the United States include choice voting (voters rank candidates, and seats are allocated by efficiently distributing voters preferences using a proportional formula), cumulative voting (voters cast as many votes as seats and can give multiple votes to one candidate), and limited voting (voters have fewer votes than seats). Internationally, some proportional representation systems are based on voting for political parties, others for candidates. Some allow very small groupings of voters to win seats; others require higher thresholds of support to win representation. The common thread that defines proportional representation is promoting more accurate, balanced representation of the spectrum of political opinion. More than 100 communities in the United States use proportional representation, the Democrats require states to nominate presidential convention delegates by proportional representation, and almost all emerging democracies have chosen proportional representation. This family of electoral systems is becoming the international norm, with Iraq, Afghanistan, and the entire Eastern Bloc being recent welcome additions to the global community of proportional representation nations.


February 4th 2008
Change: Substantive and Systematic
Asian Week

Asian Week columnist Phil Tajitsu Nash backs FairVote reforms like instant runoff voting and the National Popular Vote plan in a commentary on the 2008 elections

January 22nd 2008
Making the House of Representatives More Representative
Blog Critics Magazine

Op. Ed. calling for proportional representation for the United States House of Representatives, in order to provide citizens with more input into party platforms and prevent political balkanization.

January 21st 2008
Lib Dems may be offered PR as part of power-sharing deal
The Independent

Article discussing proposal by the ruling Labour Party to replace winner-take-all elections for the U.K. parliament with a form of proportional voting.

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