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Cumulative Voting Boosts Fair Representation in Amarillo
On May 9, Amarillo used cumulative voting for the fifth time to elect school board members. As with every previous election, candidates of color were elected. Voters returned African-American incumbent James Allen and Latina incumbent Mary Faulkner, both of whom had won endorsements from the Amarillo Globe-News in its editorial praising the school board's overall effectiveness. Before cumulative voting had been installed in 2000, no candidate of color had won for two decades, triggering a voting rights lawsuit that led to the implementation of cumulative voting.

As with many local elections in Texas, turnout was low -- barely 5% of the city's nearly 100,000 registered voters. In the city's last cumulative voting elections for college board of regents in 2008, turnout had been more than 15%.


Washington State Enacts NPV
Washington State SealOn April, 28, Washington Governor Christine Gregoire signed National Popular Vote (NPV) legislation, making Washington the 5th state after Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, and New Jersey to sign the legislation. These five states have a total of 61 electoral votes, just less than a quarter of the 270 electoral votes needed to bring the compact into effect.
27 state legislative chambers in 17 states have passed the NPV plan, including Arkansas, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and Vermont most recently. Introduced in 48 legislatures since its launch in 2006, the bill has earned the support of more than 1650 state representatives. Recent polls indicate more than 70% of voters across a full range of states support a national popular vote of the president.

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August 10th 2009
Commentary: A cure for the political nomination process
Cleveland Plain Dealer

FairVote's Rob Richie and Paul Fidalgo offer a way to give everyone a say in presidential nominations while retaining the valuable state-by-state evaluation process. This piece also ran in McClatchy's newswire.

October 29th 2009
Plurality voting rule is the real election spoiler
Baltimore Sun

In the midst of 3-way races in NJ and NY, FairVote board member and 1980 presidential candidate John Anderson makes the case for IRV over our flawed plurality system.

October 19th 2009
A better election system
Lowell Sun

Election expert Doug Amy explains how choice voting can "inject new blood" into the elections of Lowell (MA), and give voters a greater incentive to participate.

October 19th 2009
Mandatory Voting? Automatic Registration? How Un-American!
Huffington Post

President of Air America Media, Mark Green, explains why Instant Runoff Voting, Automatic Registration and Mandatory Voting are not only important but could lead to a more democratic society.