IRV Editorials
March 26th 2008
New voting system eliminates runoffs at SFCC
The Independent Florida Alligator

Santa Fe Community College (FL) is the first community college which adopted IRV for its student elections. The new voting system has been successfully used for the first time.

March 25th 2008
New voting method to be used in elections
The Technician Online

Reporter Saja Hindi describes the general enthusiasm among the North Carolina State University student community after IRV has been used for the first time for NC State University student elections.

March 14th 2008
House approves IRV for federal races
Burlington Free Press

The Burlington Free Press reports a possible major change in the way federal elections will be held in Vermont. After the VT Senate, the VT House has passed a bill that would implement IRV for federal elections in Vermont.

March 14th 2008
Vt House gives final approval to instant run off voting legislation
Vermont Public Radio

The Vermont Public Radio reports that the Vermont House gave its approval to implement IRV for federal elections statewide.

March 13th 2008
VT House approves instant runoff voting
Vermont Public Radio

VPR's Bob Kinzel highlights VT representatives' opinion about the use of IRV for federal races in Vermont after it has been passed by the State House.

March 6th 2008
Spoiler alert
Sacramento News and Review

Opinion piece on the unintended consequences of our election system on third party candidates and the prospect of instant runoff voting in solving this dilemma.

March 6th 2008
Editorial: Next city election a new ballgame
Santa Fe New Mexican

The Santa Fe New Mexican covers the recent win for instant runoff voting in Santa Fe.

March 4th 2008
UISG results expected Thursday
The Daily Iowan

IRV student elections held for the first time at the University of Iowa with a record turnout.

November 30th 2007
Bringing Democracy Home
The Nation

Katrina vanden Heuvel uses Australia's history of instant runoff voting success to support the use of this system in the United States.

November 16th 2007
Instant Runoff Provides a Good Idea
Blue Ridge Now

All the scare talk about instant runoff voting turned out to be just that -- scare talk.

November 3rd 2007
Instant runoff voting would strengthen Sarasota city elections
The Herald Tribune

Columnist Anthony Lorenzao shows his support for adopting instant runoff voting in Sarasota, Florida.

October 26th 2007
Keep RCV election on schedule for 2008
The News Tribune

The News Tribune says NO to delaying ranked choice voting for Pierce County (WA).

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