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Rob Richie's Recent Journal Articles & Chapters

August 2004

(All available as downloadable attachments)

"Steps Toward Making Every Vote Count: Electoral System Reform in Canada and its Provinces" (Henry Milner, editor; Broadview Press, 2004): A review of efforts on behalf of full representation in the United States since the formation of the Center for Voting and Democracy in 1992. Part of a new book on the movement for full representation in Canada.

An "Election Law Journal" symposium on Democracy and Elections in North America" (Volume 3, Number 3 2004): A discussion of the case for instant runoff voting for one-winner office elections in the United States and how those arguments may also apply for single-winner elections in Canada and Mexico. Part of a special collection of articles on democracy in North America in Election Law Journal.

On full representation and redistricting reform (from the National Civic Review): An argument for how full representation voting methods must play a central role in increasingly urgent need to reform redistricting in the United States.

On building a pro-democracy movement in the United States (from the National Civic Review): A call for a campaign for an affirmative right to vote in the U.S. Constitution and the merits of multi-issue pro-democracy organizing at a state level.

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