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ABC Radio Australia

PNG voting system praised by new MP

December 24, 2003

A newly-re-elected member of Papua New Guinea's parliament has described the limited preferential voting system as the best way to elect law-makers.

Dr Puka Temu was re-elected in a by-election in the Abau electorate under limited-preferential rules.

Firmin Nanol reports from Port Moresby.

A national court this year declared his election in 2002 null and void over allegations of undue influence and bribery, but won in a by-election earlier this month. Dr Temu said PNG needs to be proud of the successful results of the first Limited preferential voting in the peaceful Abau bye-election. He says PNG can learn from the mistakes and conduct successful by-elections in 7 of the country's 109 parliamentary seats still vacant and in the 2007 national elections. He polled over 9000 votes from a field of 6 candidates and will be sworn in early next year.

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