Everyone's vote should be equal when electing the president, no matter where they live. FairVote is a leader in the campaign to establish a national popular vote for president, and recommends that political parties establish a schedule and rules to promote all states having a meaningful vote in nomination contests.

Joint Policy Brief Features FairVote Reforms
40 Ways Touts NPV, Instant Runoff and Proportional Voting
cover page of 40 Ways Toward a More Perfect Union

Released on Thursday, March 14, The Democracy Protection Act: 40 Ways Toward a More Perfect Union calls on lawmakers to enact forty reforms including instant runoff voting, proportional voting and the National Popular Vote plan.

40 Ways is a joint publication of the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU, Demos, the New Democracy Project and Nation magazine. Other proposals range from public financing of campaigns to strengthening civil rights to reform of classroom science curricula. Each proposal has a small chapter explaining its details and rationale.

Paper copies are available for $7 from the New Democracy Project.

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Endorsements Roll in for National Popular Vote
Formal endorsements continue to roll in for the National Popular Vote Plan, including new support from the Latino Congreso and the Asian American Action Fund, as well as an increasing number of state level groups.

They follow a major endorsement by the National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL) in December 2006, unanimously adopted by the Judiciary Committee at its annual meeting in Jackson, Mississippi. It was adopted by acclamation on the floor.

More Alohas From Presidential Contenders?
Key Hawaii State Senate Committee Clears NPV Plan

The National Popular Vote compact passed 5-0 through the Hawaii Senate's Judiciary and Labor Committee on February 6. Ten state representatives introduced it in the House there in January. On February 14, NPV passed the state senate 19-4. Hawaii is one of 46 states in which the bill is sponsored.

Hawaii also led the nation in implementing another FairVote-backed proposal that is gathering rapidly growing support: a uniform advance voter registration age of 16.

Back on the mainland, Maryland Delegate Sheila Hixson has sponsored the plan in that state, with a ringing endorsement in the Takoma Voice. Meanwhile National Popular Vote has launched a new website with an interactive map allowing visitors to track progress. NPV also has secured key endorsements from the National Caucus of Black State Legislators and National Latino Congreso.

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Colorado Senate Passes National Popular Vote Plan
ColoradoThe National Popular Vote bill in Colorado (SB 46) passed the third and final reading in full Senate on Wednesday, January 24. Among the sponsors was Senate Majority Leader Ken Gordon.

The Colorado Senate passed the NPV bill last year, along with the California Assembly and Senate, with strong support from states from Louisiana to Illinois. In 2007, momentum appears to be building all across the country. Nearly all 50 have a bill introduced in the legislature.

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Fuzzy Math Report

Presidential Elections Inequality Report
August 10th 2009
Commentary: A cure for the political nomination process
Cleveland Plain Dealer

FairVote's Rob Richie and Paul Fidalgo offer a way to give everyone a say in presidential nominations while retaining the valuable state-by-state evaluation process. This piece also ran in McClatchy's newswire.

July 13th 2009
Albatross of U.S. democracy
Indianapolis Star

FairVote research is cited in support of the National Popular Vote plan in Indiana, because "every vote cast for president should be equally important and equally coveted, whether it originates in California, Connecticut or Crawfordsville."

July 9th 2009
Winner-take-all can elect a second-place president
San Diego Union-Tribune

The founder of National Popular Vote lays out the shortcomings and injustices of the Electoral College system, and shows why the National Popular Vote plan is the right solution.

May 17th 2009
Why states should adopt the National Popular Vote plan for president
San Diego Union-Tribune

FairVote's Rob Richie writes that the Electoral College deepens political inequality, and explains why the National Popular Vote plan is our best opportunity to ensure that every vote for president is equally valued.

May 14th 2009
Let's Make Every Vote Count
The Nation

Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of the Nation magazine, highlights FairVote's research in an important piece on the "broad support" growing in the states for the National Popular Vote plan to elect the president.