Incumbent smiles match mayoral grin

By Pat Murphy
Published November 9th 2005 in San Francisco
San Francisco voters created appointed Treasurer Jose Cisneros an elected official in his own right yesterday, with fellow appointee Assessor Phil Ting headed to probable victory.

Initial Election Department tally closed last night with Ting leading Gerardo Sandoval by 9451 votes, and 46.67% to 38.61% of vote capture. Sandoval would need to take nearly 75% of second choice ranked tally to overcome the Ting lead.

Results of continuing vote count will be announced daily at 4:00 p.m. by Elections Department Director John Arntz of ranked choice votes, absentee ballots cast same day as election, and provisional ballots.

In local ballot measures, voters said yes to gun ban, insisted all fire stations remain open, and declined to give the Board of Supervisors partial appointment power over MUNI.

California rebuffed the governor's special election agenda across the board, with total campaign and taxpayer costs possibly reaching $300 million.