Minnesota Bill Facilitates College Student Registration
Minnesota Senators Higgins, Sams, Kleis, Marty and Pogemiller introduced S.F. 852, a bill to facilitate voter registration of college students. This bill requires all postsecondary institutions receiving state or federal funding to submit a current list of all students residing in its county and contiguous counties to the elections boards of those counties for the purpose of verifying student addresses. This list, combined with Minnesota's practice of same day registration, will make it easier for college students to vote by allowing them to present only their student identification card at the polls and not an acceptable address verification document.  This bill also expands the list of documents accepted as proof of residency to include wireless phone bills, residential leases and rental agreements, tax documents and more.  [Read S.F. 852]

To support this legislation, please contact your local State Senator or one of the authors:    
Linda Higgins:
(651) 296-9246[email protected]
Dallas C. Sams(651) 297-8063 
Dave Kleis(651) 296-6455[email protected]
John Marty(651) 296-5645[email protected]
Lawrence J. Pogemiller  
(651) 296-7809[email protected]

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