Shorten Voter Registration Deadlines
California State Rep. Rudy Bermudez introduced A.B. 158 to allow California residents to register to vote up to 7 days before an election. Presently voters must register at least 14 days before an election. This bill would give California voters 7 extra days to register to vote.  Read the bill

While most states require voters to register at least 30 days before an election and 6 states allow for election day registration, Califoria would be the first to allow 7 days. Because most Americans do not become interested in an election until the final few weeks before an election, voter registration deadlines that are one month before election day limit the number of people who are able to register and effectively shut them out of the political process. A.B. 158 will increase voter registration which will inturn increase voter participation and turnout.

To support this piece of legislation please contact Rep. Rudy Bermudez at 
            Rudy Bermudez                                      
            State Capitol
            P.O. Box 942849
            Sacramento, CA 94249-0056
            (916) 319-2056
            (916) 319-2156 fax

and for California residents, please contact your local State Represenative