Sen. Migden’s Measure to Implement a National Popular Vote for President Passes Assembly Elections

By California Political Desk
Published June 20th 2007 in California Chronicle
(SACRAMENTO) -- Legislation authored by State Senator Carole Migden to change the way the President of the United States is elected was approved yesterday by the Assembly Elections & Redistricting Committee today on a 5-1 vote.

Senate Bill 37 is part of a national effort to implement a direct, national popular vote for President. Identical legislation is pending in 40 states and has more than 320 legislative sponsors. SB 37 and the other legislation across the country will not go into effect until states representing a majority of the country have approved it. The plan was signed into law in Maryland in April.

“It is astounding to me that the world’s greatest democracy does not directly elect the President by a vote of the people,” said Migden (D-San Francisco/Marin/Sonoma Counties). “The Electoral College is an antiquated institution that has outlived its usefulness. A national popular vote for President will, for the first time, make every vote equal. A vote in California will be as sought after as a vote in Ohio or Florida. That is not currently the case.”
16 or so “battleground states.”

“If a candidate does not have to actively campaign in California, it follows that they will not be well versed in the issues important to our state. Candidates will come to California to raise money, but will continue to avoid discussing California issues,” declared Migden. “A national popular vote will change that dynamic and force candidates for the first time to campaign not only in California, but also across the nation.”

Senate Bill 37 now proceeds to the Assembly Appropriations Committee. More information is available at

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Sierra Club National Popular Vote Resolution
WHEREAS, the mission of the Sierra Club is to explore, enjoy and protect the planet through grassroots participation in politics and government; and

WHEREAS,  presidential candidates focus their efforts and resources only in battleground states.

WHEREAS, two-thirds of the states receive little to no attention in a competitive presidential election.

THERFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Sierra Club supports National Popular Vote state legislation that will elect the President of the United States by popular vote.

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the Sierra Club supports election of the President of the United States by direct popular vote.