9 seats: 5R, 4D

Where It Ranks Among the States (House Elections 2000)

  • Voter Turnout: 37th (44%)
  • Victory Margin: 46th (55%)

Facts in Focus

  • Incumbents are a perfect 82 for 82 in their re-election bids in U.S. House races in Tennessee in the1982-2000 period.
  • The average margin of victory in Tennessee's U.S. House races in 2000 was 56% double the average margin in elections in 1994 and 1996. The typical race was won by 78% to 22% -- meaning by a margin more than three-to-one.
  • Three of nine House races were won without major party opposition only one other House race was similarly uncontested in 27 races from 1992 to 1996.
  • 100% of U.S. House races in Tennessee were won by landslide margins of over 20% in 2000. This is the first time the landslide index in Tennessee has gone above 78% since 1982.
  • Only one out of three adults in Tennessee voted in 2000 for the person who represents them in the U.S. House the state ranked 36th in its "representation index" in 2000.
  • Voter turnout in House races was 44%, double the results in 1998 and the highest turnout since 1994. This is probably due to the fact that Tennessee was a battlegound state in the presidential elections.
  • Tennessee ranked poorly in many areas of electoral health in 2000 it ranks in the six worst states in voter turnout, margins of victory and representation index. However, it also has the lowest "seats to votes distortion" of all fifty states.
  • Republican Jimmy Duncan's lowest winning percentage in 1992-2000 was 71%. He was uncontested three times in that period, as also was true of Democrat John Tanner from 1992-1998.

How Tennessee ranked in 2000

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