• Two thirds of Missouri's U.S. House races were won by landslide margins of 20% or more. Six of Missouri's seats were won by margins exceeding 40%.
  • Over 65% of adults in Missouri did not vote for the U.S. House Member who represents them, although 36 states ranked lower than Missouri in this "representation index."
  • The partisan makeup of Missouri's House delegation reflects the percent of votes each party received statewide. Republican candidates received 49% of votes and won 56% of seats, while Democrats won 49% of the vote and 44% of the seats. In 1994, Democrats won 67% of seats with only 51% of the popular vote
  • One third of House incumbents in Missouri have won their last four races by landslide margins.

  • How Missouri ranked in 2000

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    9 seats: 5R, 4D

    Where It Ranks Among the States (House Elections 2000)

    • Voter Turnout: 13th (57%)
    • Victory Margin: 13th (31%)

    Facts in Focus