8 seats: 3R, 5D

Where It Ranks Among the States (House Elections 2000)

  • Voter Turnout: 1st (67%)
  • Victory Margin: 10th (25%)

Facts in Focus

  • Minnesota had the highest voter turnout in the nation in 2000, with 67% of the state's adults voting in House races. This is an increase since 1998, but part of this rise can be attributed to the presidential election. However, other factors are also at work, such as same-day voter registration. The only other state with more than three House members which approaches Minnesota's turnout in recent elections is Wisconsin.
  • Even if many new voters came out to vote in the presidential election, they typically voted in their U.S. House race drop-off was 3.1%, not much higher than the 2.5% drop-off in 1998.
  • Rep. Bill Luther's 6th District had the highest voter turnout (91%) of any district in the nation for the third consecutive election.
  • 50% of Minnesota's House races were won by landslide margins of at least 20%. Four of the 2000 races were won with margins close to 40%.
  • In 2000, Minnesota ranked seventh in the country in the "representation index," and it ranked first in the "democracy index." Despite these rankings, only 40% of adults in the state voted for the person who represents them in the U.S. House,
  • No incumbent has lost or faced a primary challenge since 1992.
  • For the first time since 1982 a woman has won one of Minnesota's U.S. House seats.

How Minnesota ranked in 2000

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